Good Physio Services

We possess a wide array of specialties and pride ourselves in offering dedicated, high quality Physiotherapy services to in and out patients who has been referred to us by Doctors for the following:

  • Adult and Pediatric Intensive Care, High care and Neonatal Intensive care.
  • Orthopaedic pre and post-operative rehabilitation.
  • Neurological rehabilitation for Spinal cord injuries, peripheral neuropathies and CVAs.
  • Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy.
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy.
  • Neuromusculoskeletal rehabilitation for acute and chronic conditions post and pre op management.
  • Facial, Neck and Thoracic myofascial release for dental and psychiatric patients
  • Pre and Post op Physiotherapy for Maternity patients for normal vaginal deliveries and caesarian births.
  • Medical and surgical patients: acute pre and post-operative rehabilitation, hand therapy; joint mobilization, Clinical electrophysiology, spine rehabilitation, back and neck pain, wound care, occupational healthcare, ergonomics and worker rehabilitation Balance, vestibular rehabilitation etc.
  • Burns ward-adult/paediatric: preventative rehabilitation e.g.: contractures, inhalation complications etc.
  • Geriatrics: Chronic and acute physiotherapy management.
  • Out-patient physiotherapy: post hospitalisation rehabilitation, sports enhancement, Injury rehabilitation,wellness education programs, weight training, aqua therapy, performance enhancement.

Physiotherapy can assist with the following conditions:

ENT Rehabilitation

Cardiothoracic Physiotherapy services (Adults and Paediatrics)

Orthopaedic and Sports


Dry Needling



Elective pre and post –op patients who may be undergoing procedures such as knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement, elbow replacement, anterior cruciate ligament/posterior cruciate ligament reconstructions, knee/hip elbow arthroscopy, back surgery, spinal and peripheral joint injections. Trauma patients include fractured neck of femur, hip and anckle fractures, lower limb fractures, upper limb fractures, spinal fractures and many other musculoskeletal and soft tissue conditions.


The initial assessment will take place on one of the Orthopaedic wards and will usually last between 15-30 minutes.
The exact nature of your assessment will depend upon your symptoms and can include any/all of the following areas.

  • Joint range of movement.
  • Pain intensity Assessment.
  • Muscle strength.
  • Muscle tightness.
  • Altered sensation.
  • Current mobility with or without walking aids.
  • Review of activities of daily living.
  • Listening to your breathing/chest assessment.


Depending on your individual needs, treatment can include:

  • Range of movement exercises.
  • Strengthening exercises.
  • Transfer practice.
  • Mobility practice (with an appropriate walking aid if required).
  • Progression of mobility (if using a walking aid) including gait re-education.

All of the aforementioned exposure means that we look at each patient holistically and have the ability to rehabilitate patients in their acute to post-acute stages of recovery.